ENTRA doors in RESERVED shoowrooms

Baltic Plaza

RESERVED showrooms have undergo major renovations since 2016, and the newly opened ones are modeled on a new style – a raw loft. Steel, concrete and glass were used as elements of the decor. The whole style is warmed by wooden elements. In this raw and industrial style, Entra’s hidden door fits perfectly. They lead to the utility room and warehouse, hiding in the wall.

Equiton on the wall and ENTRA doors.

In the salons, Equiton – a façade made of fiber and cement was used as a wall decoration. Here, Entra’s door is hidden and lead to the one of the rooms. The plate has a thickness of 8 mm. To use such a thick finishing material that the door will be made with the wall, the solution from the Superior: DMS collection was used.The door frame has a special section of aluminum, whose task is to protect the edge of the cladding both on the wall and the door leaf.

Walls and doors have 10 mm wide joints. Thanks to the perfect combination of material and joints on the walls and doors, the effect of completely hidding the entrance to the employee’s room has been achieved.

A mirror wall with hidden doors to the warehouse.

drzwi z lustrem Entra

Ważnym elementem w każdym salonie modowym są oczywiście lustra. W salonach RESERVED stanowią one element wykończenia ściany, tworząc całe połacie zwierciadeł. Tutaj znajduje się ukryte wejście do magazynu salonu.
An important element in any fashion salon is of course mirrors. In the RESERVED showrooms, they are the main finishing element of the wall, creating whole surfaces of mirrors. Here is a hidden entrance to the living room warehouse.

What is very important, the Entra door construction has an aluminum frame that protects the edges of delicate materials like mirror. The profile of the door frame, on the other hand, protects the wall against damage, for example when moving clothes between the warehouse and the store.

The RESERVED showrooms in which the Entra door was already installed:
Slovakia – Tulip, Košice | in Poland – Szczecin, Rzeszów, Tychy, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Kraków, Swrzędz | in Bulgaria – Sofia | Estonia – Tallinn | in Russia – Moscow, Kursk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Irkutsk | in Great Britain – London | Germany – Berlin | Ukraine – Kiev | Belarus – Minsk | in the Czech Republic – Prague | in Croatia – Rijeka.